The Illinois Trilogy Christmas Bonus!

Your regularly scheduled posting – with more Nerd World and further announcements regarding The Dragon’s Heir – will return after a brief message.

TrilogyCoverThe holidays are upon us, and that means a lot of people getting new crap that can be used to download books. Maybe you’re one of those people. Now, I’m sure some of you are thinking “I can’t wait to read new books by my favorite best-sellers, but surely there’s some way that I can enjoy new fiction while supporting independent artists at the same time”? Well, you’re in luck. I’ve reduced the price of The Illinois Trilogy to 99 cents through December 28th. That’s as low as I can possibly set the price – less than $0.34 a novel. Just click here or on the image at right to pick up your copy now.

This humble little novel will help you get caught up on the events of everything else that’s been featured here. Delve deeper into Lidia Zhang’s character in Paradise Gardens. Explore the roots of The Fabulist‘s desolate wasteland in The Sunshine Crew. You’ll even have the opportunity to read the original Nerd World before I have an opportunity to cover up my shameful first attempt at fiction writing. And all for less than the price of a candy bar.

TrilogyCover“But Andrew,” I hear you saying. “I don’t like e-books. Why are you leaving your readers out in the cold?” That’s a very good point, person who doesn’t actually exist. So how about a discount code good for $5 off the print edition? It’s a gorgeous piece, if I do say so myself – complete with artwork that’s not completely amateurish and design elements that I finally got to work after four dubious attempts. Seriously though, I do love this thing, and by clicking here or on the image at left and entering the discount code YE89FJBM at checkout, you’ll get almost 40% off the cover price. It’s good through the 28th, so don’t miss out!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled posting.

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